Game Of Thrones Season Four Is Finally On Google Play

Last night's Game Of Thrones finale was an epic watch. Now even non-Foxtel people can legally watch season four of the epic HBO drama thanks to Google Play.

Now that the season is over, the embargo which saw Foxtel nab exclusive rights to air season four of Game Of Thrones has lifted, meaning Google Play is now set to sell it on a per-episode basis.

Each ep will cost you $2.99 in Australia, or you can buy the whole season for $28.99.

We've reached out to Apple Australia to see if it too will carry Game Of Thrones' fourth season on iTunes. [Google Play]

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    Excellent, I can use the $6 in credit that came with the Chromecast to watch it legally but still for free.

    I do hope and pray that iTunes will have season 4 to purchase. I have always purchased each season via iTunes. I have noticed that QuickFlix is now offering it for $2.99 each episode as well.

    Just because it is most popular downloaded show, doesn't mean Foxtel and HBO have to penalise the people who do the right thing and purchase it legally.

    I do have Foxtel but am not prepared to pay the extra money just to get one channel for ten weeks. It was cheaper to get it via iTunes for the season pass.

    Nice price, although is that streaming or download?

    N.B. The prices above are for SD, HD is $3.49/episode or $34.99 for the season, which is still pretty good.

    Nobody can seriously argue with those prices whatsoever

      Yet again, DRM strikes the legit consumer. I can't watch the HD version on my 1920x1200 Sony tablet because Sony hasn't signed up to googles HD DRM thingo (or something like that, I don't care about the details).

      Or I could download the 720p version that will play on ANY device I own in ~20 mins.. for free. Not that I will, but until the legit options can match the convenience of the pirated versions they're going to struggle.

      Not at all, physical box sets can cost a LOT more.

      The only complaint is that people have to wait until Foxtel finish airing the entire season before any other providers can start distributing individual episodes.

      Why can't Foxtel do what Apple and Google are doing, surely with an exclusivity agreement they could rake in the cash with season passes, especially if others are locked out of the market.

    I'm totally new to the android store (never used it once cause I'm an iOS junky, a habit I'm not going to kick..don't troll me).

    can you download the content in a viable format for use in the apple eco system of iOS and Apple TV?

    Imagine how much money they would make if they actually done this after every episode aired.

    Honestly, I would have not pirated/watched online GoT, if it was available for 3$ an episode. I felt bad doing it, but Foxtel left me with little choice.

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