Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo's E3 Presentation

The New Zelda Is Open-World, Looks Absolutely Incredible

Nintendo ran its own E3 presentation in the wee hours of this morning, in the form of an extended Nintendo Direct. What did you miss? Loads of stuff! New Zelda, Smash Bros. info and what can only be described as a Nintendo-esque interpretation of the humble third person shooter.

The New Zelda Is Open World, Looks Absolutely Incredible I'm still picking my jaw off the floor.

Miyamoto Star Fox Wii U Revival Leaks Didn't see this coming. I honestly didn't.

Nintendo's Making A New 8 Player Multiplayer Shooter Called Splatoon For The Wii U This looks legitimately inventive and great.

You Can Kick Butt As Zelda In Hyrule Warriors I can't get excited about this. Maybe you can?

The Wii U's First Big JRPG Is A Sequel To Xenoblade And it gets its proper name!

Smash Bros Surprise New Hero Lady Palutena Hey a new challenger, etc.

Cutest Yoshi Game Ever They're not joking about the cute part.

Mario Party 10 Is Coming To The Wii U A new party. Getting started.

Captain Toad Gets His Own Game I didn't think I wanted this. But I now totally want it.

Amiibos Are Nintendo's Answer To Skylanders It will print money.

The 3DS Version Of The Super Smash Bros Has Been Delayed To October 3 Still coming out before the end of the year.

Bayonetta 2 Comes With Bayonetta 1 For Wii U I hope Bayonetta 2 is good.

Smash Bros. Newest Fighter: You Miis everywhere.

Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Are Due Out In November But What Day In November? ALPHA BRO.

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