Do You Ever Snoop On Friends' Phones?

Do You Ever Snoop on Friends' Phones?

If you've ever disabled the PIN on your lock screen (hi, hello), or lent your phone to someone, you know the feeling. Oh shit I left my phone in there with them! I hope I don't have anything embarrassing on there. Shit, did I leave that tab open? It's OK. I can trust them, right? Can I trust you? Time to fess up.

Sure a PIN or a password can thwart and attempted snooper, but how nervous do we all need to be among friends and family? Snoopers assemble! This is a safe space and no one will judge you (maybe); I just want a rough snooper estimate and maybe some explanations.

And most importantly, I want to know whether I need to put a PIN on my phone again.

Image by PathDoc/Shutterstock

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