Confuse Your Friends With All The Hodor They Can Type

Confuse Your Friends With All The Hodor They Can Type

The software marketplaces for Google and Apple devices are filled with gimmick apps and arguably, most are not worth the digital space they occupy. Of course, it all depends on what your goals are… say if you want to leave a friend in a state of two-syllable bemusement, then you can clandestinely install Hodor Keyboard on their Android gadget and laugh. A lot.

Is Hodor Keyboard worth $1.07 for what it does? Probably not. But it’s a small price to pay if the word “hodor” is all you want your mobile keyboard (or someone else’s) to output. Ever.

As the app’s description explains, there are various ways to crank out the Hodor excellence:

— Long press for maximum Hodor.
— Swipe left to unHodor a Hodor.
— Swipe right to delete a character (make sure you delete the ones everyone loves first!)

Got it? Great!

Once installed, you’ll need to navigate to the language/input methods selection of your phone and select “Hodor Keyboard”. Clearly, you’d be less than sane to have this running on your own mobile or tablet, but installing it on a friend’s?


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