Apple Code Hints That Bigger iPhones And iPads Are On The Way

Apple Code Hints That Bigger iPhones and iPads Are On The Way

Yesterday, Apple pushed out a beta for its latest suite of developer tools, Xcode 6. And inside there's new functionality that hints at iPads and iPhones of varying screen sizes and resolutions. It's just the latest evidence that new hardware is on the way soon.

The Xcode development environment allows you to set the model device you're using in its iOS simulator tool, and the eagle-eyed folks at at Mac4Ever spotted two new settings for a resizable iPhone and iPad (see the above image from Apple Insider). This suggests that when Apple gets around to refreshing its product lines later this year, we'll see phones and tablets with new screen sizes.

Of course, it's pretty obvious that Apple was going to refresh its hardware. It's mostly just exciting to find hints of what's to come buried like nuggets of gold in this beta software. [Mac4Ever via Apple Insider and 9to5Mac]


    Or that xcode now has resizable dev environments? I doubt the new Iphone 6 will be called the "resizable iphone"

    I'm assuming by resizable they mean that going forward they're using responsive design.
    i.e. you won't get those black lines top and bottom like what happened with the iphone5

    Could be used for apps running split screen.

      I doubt it in this case; maybe if there was only the Resizable iPad option. I definitely don't see iPhones having the ability to run apps in split screen (officially anyway).

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