A Real-Time Look At How Much The US Spends On Stuff

A Real-Time Look At How Much We Spend on Stuff

If there was any lingering doubt that we are a nation of consumers, this real-time infographic should all but eliminate it. Retale.com has illustrated the staggering amount of money being spent every second in retail and online stores, as well as on various products, in a chart that makes you wonder why anyone would ever worry about the state of the economy.

To calculate how much money is being spent, the folks behind this infographic relied on 2013 retail numbers, as well as year-end financial reports from companies like Walmart, Amazon and Starbucks. So while it doesn't perfectly reflect 2014 trends, it's still a pretty accurate estimation.

Like the infographic revealing just how much time we waste online from a few weeks ago, it's shocking to see just how much Coca-Cola is served up in the US alone. [Retale via Taxi]

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