7 Corporate Twitter Accounts That Are Actually Not Terrible

7 Corporate Twitter Accounts That Are Actually Not Terrible

Sometimes, corporate Twitter can be a soul-sucking place. All that shilling. All that engagement. #So #many #hashtags. So I went on the search for a few brands that didn’t make me want to unfollow life. To my surprise, I found a few.

To make the cut here, these accounts have to actually have a personality, post useful information, and engage with followers in a way that feels helpful or sincere. Lately, there’s been an uptick in companies babbling nonsense on purpose, pretending to be hacked, or speaking exclusively in memes, dubbed “weird corporate Twitter” by this excellent New Inquiry article. Weird, maybe. Some of them are still really funny. Here are 7 of the best.

Newcastle Brown Ale | @Newcastle

Their whole “No Bollocks” joke is kind of their main thing.

But it’s often very funny.

Plus their Super Bowl stunt offering on-the-fly improvements of every ad was pretty brilliant.

Virgin America | @VirginAmerica

With its revamped reservation system, there’s no doubt Virgin is putting the focus back on user experience.

It shows in its Twitter account as well, with a focus on pertinent news and good original content.

https://twitter.com/VirginAmerica/statuses/478220643872563201 As well as that cheeky sense of humour.

Skittles | @skittles

Just enough off-topic.

With a twist of nonsensical animal references.

And some ongoing ’80s humour.

Charmin | @charmin

First of all, just replying to this tweet at all is damn funny.

But Charmin’s toilet humour is actually… charming.

And sometimes downright brave.

Dos Equis | @DosEquis

Yes, it’s a one-trick account.

Every tweet references the Most Interesting Man in the World.

But somehow it all works.

Denny’s | @DennysDiner


In touch.


Old Spice | @OldSpice

Combine general-interest humour.

With some manly humour.

And throw in some boat references.

What did we miss? Drop your favourite corporate Twitter accounts below!