You Could Own This Joystick That Landed Astronauts On The Moon

You Could Own This Joystick That Landed Astronauts on the Moon

Want to make your sci-fi video games feel more authentic? Or maybe just need a new ornament for beside the fireplace? Then how about buying this joystick, which was used by astronaut Dave Scott to land the Falcon lunar module during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971.

The joystick forms part of a sale of a range of space memorabilia by RR Auction. It might be worth noting that it's well-used: Falcon veered almost a kilometre off course when it landed on the moon, and Scott had to pilot the craft to safety using the 'stick. Bids are expected to start at $US10,000, so you'll need fairly deep pockets.

However, we've got our eyes on something a little more modest. How about the original electrical schematic of the lunar rover buggy, pictured below? Signed on one side in blue felt tip, it reads "This lunar rover schematic was carried aboard our lunar rover by John Young and myself during our drives across the lunar surface: April 21-23, 1972. Charles M. Duke Jr, LMP." With bids expected to start at $US1000 it's certainly cheaper — and, depending on your inclination, rather cooler too. [RR Auction via New Scientist]

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