You Can Help Create The Australian Version Of Cards Against Humanity

Filthy-minded Australians rejoice: cult card game Cards Against Humanity is working on an Aussie edition, which will be released later this year. The team is also looking for the best community suggestions on new question and answer cards; your words could appear in the final game.

Cards Against Humanity is the "party game for horrible people": you and two or more friends sit down, deal out the cards and proceed to come up with the most horrendous, gruesome or inappropriate answers to the questions that nobody wanted to ask in the first place. And now, in conjunction with game store Critical Hit, the creators are working on an Aussie printing.

Cards Against Humanity is great fun, but the US version of the game has a few questions and answers that don't make sense for an Australian audience. There is an international edition, but having some home-grown filth is entirely preferable; the CAH team is asking appropriately dirty-minded Australians to suggest their favourite cards — both black question cards and white answer cards. They'll figure out the best of the best, and playtest the beta version with some lucky applicants before its local debut.

You can contribute to the Australian Edition by submitting your suggestion for an answer or question using the Google Docs form linked below:

[Critical Hit]

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