Would You Have Sex With A Robot?

Would You Have Sex With a Robot?

Time and time again, humans have proved their willingness to make the beast with two backs with a cornucopia of inanimate objects. But what happens when that inanimate object starts to, you know, animate (albeit mechanically)? Yep, it's time to talk about robot sex.

Apparently — and according to an admittedly questionable survey — one in six living, breathing human lifeforms wouldn't mind making sweet, sweet love to C-3PO's (presumably) softer, less metal-clad cousin. You know, sexbots.

What's more, about a third of participants said that they're perfectly comfortable with the idea of people engaging in inter-species mechanical coitus. Details on the study are scant though, so we're going straight to the source. So, tell us, dear internet, would you have sex with a robot? Would you be OK with your significant other having sex with a robot? Where do you store your sex robot when company comes over? Let us know down below. [The Times]

Picture: Shutterstock/bluecrayola

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