What Are Mums Up To On Twitter?

What Are Mums Up To On Twitter?

Mums! They gave you life, cared for you, raised you, taught you right from wrong, and most importantly, they loved you. But now that you’ve abandoned them to move on to bigger and better things (read: basement), mums need to fill that hole in their heart any way they can. It’s time to talk about Mums on Twitter.

According to Twitter itself, mums are pretty varied in the ways they use their 140-character spurts. Just look at all the fun, mum-friendly ways Twitter lets mums be mums:

Humour! Connections! Celebs! Fun with b o l d b r a n d s.

However, in our extensive research, we found that mums on Twitter aren’t really all that concerned with much anything that doesn’t directly relate to and/or come from the mouths or fingers of their offspring. For instance, my own mum’s series of 15 tweets break down into 14 @replies directed at me and one Bill Murray retweet that was (also) entirely for my benefit, a fact she explicitly told me when I asked her about it this afternoon.

Or take the mum of our own Leslie Horn.

Still unconvinced? Here’s another mum, this one belonging to Gizmodo’s Adam Clark Estes.

It doesn’t end there. Although admittedly, all of >Eric Limer’s mum’s sparse tweets are directed to — well, not him.

But don’t get us wrong. There are plenty of tech-savvy, Tweeting mums — we get that! But it seems non-journalist, non-tech industry, still-using-a-flip-phone-type mums simply aren’t using Twitter the way Twitter advertisers might hope. Quite the opposite in fact. Still, judging by what we dug up, it’s exactly these kind of mums that are the best damn tweeters around.

So in honour of Mother’s Day, we implore to share your best mum tweets below. Do it for the mums.