Watch SNL Make Fun Of Ridiculous Dance DJs

Briefly: Look, we all know that electronic music DJs can be a bit ridiculous. When your job mostly involves tapping some buttons and spinning some wheels, or at worst just pushing the space bar on your MacBook Pro, you have to have a lot of free time on stage for other activities. Saturday Night Live sets these press-play DJs clearly in its sights in this skit.

Image via Shutterstock

People seem to go wild for big-stage EDM DJs like Skrillex and David Guetta and Steve Aoki, despite them arguably not doing much during their performances. Take one stage full of tens of thousands of dollars worth of DJ equipment, a bunch of SNL actors and comedians, and one self-important fictitious DJ DAVVINCII, and what do you get? The incredibly catchy, incredibly cutting "When Will The Bass Drop":

P.S Bonus Skrillex GIF. [Create Digital Music]

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