Vine's Website Turned Into A Massive Searchable Library Of Tiny Vids

Vine's Website Turned Into a Massive Searchable Library of Tiny Vids

Vine, Twitter's six-second looping video app, just pushed another big update to its website, and it looks strangely familiar. It has playlists, channels, trending tags and a "popular now" curated feed. And you no longer have to be a Vine user to use it.

In short, it looks a hell of a lot like YouTube, packed to the brim with looping vids that are GIFs in spirit if not in form.

That last part is probably the biggest change — the channels and tags and other ways to discover new videos have existed in Vine's mobile app (and only in the mobile app) for a while now. Today, Vine's collection of six-second clips opens up to basically anyone on the internet. That's good if you want to peruse the whole of Vine's strange and wonderful contents without trying your hand at it. Just, as always, use responsibly. [Vine via The Verge]

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