This Quadcopter Drone Can Fly At 80km/h

This Quadcopter Drone Can Fly At 80km/h

Your average off-the-shelf drones sure are cute to fly around a park on your lunch hour, but what happens when you want to go faster than conventional products will let you? You build your own, of course. That’s what Ilya Rosenberg did with the new iQuad Tilt-Rotor Quadcopter, which has a reported top speed of a whopping 80km/h thanks to a cool new rotor design.

According to Rosenberg, conventional drones don’t have the tech necessary to steer or get up to speed correctly, mostly because of how the rotors work.

You see, when a conventional quadcopter wants to speed up or turn around, two of the rotors will slow down or speed up, depending on the desired input from the operator.

Rosenberg’s new drone achieves speed and manouverability thanks to two tilt arrays that move the front and back rotors to achieve greater thrust and control over the directional movement of the drone beyond up and down.

Awesome! [Makezine]