This Folding Electric Bike Is The Future Of Transport

This Folding Electric Bike Is The Future Of Transport

The worst thing about riding your bike to work is it’s hard and there’s nowhere to put it once you get there. Wouldn’t it be better if it were electric and you could squish it into half its size once you arrived at the office? Meet the Gi-Bike.

Recently posted on Kickstarter, the Gi-Bike is a light-weight electric bike that will let you travel over 60km on a single-charge thanks to a LifePo4 battery. That battery can be charged from empty to full in four hours so you can keep trundling on at the end of the day.

That battery and the respective motor serves to accelerate you to a zippy 25km/h without pedalling, which is more than enough to get you out in front of traffic as the light turns green.

It weighs around 16kg, and after flicking a single switch, folds in one motion to take up half its original size.

The Gi-Bike also has smartphone integration, which allows you to mount your phone on the handlebars to activate and control smart lights that turn on when it goes dark as well as lock the bike and track your mileage.

Those smart lights also extend to the side of your tyres, to protect you from side-on hits.

The only problem? It isn’t exactly cheap. You can buy a Gi-Bike without the electric assistance for just under $US2600, while the electric version will run you $US3000 for the early-bird model. [Kickstarter]