There’s A TV Show Called ‘Selfie’. I Don’t Even…

There’s A TV Show Called ‘Selfie’. I Don’t Even…

No. Nope. Christ no. F**k you, even. Stop the planet. I want to get the f**k off: there’s a new show coming out from ABC in the US called Selfie, and the trailer is just about the worst thing you’ll ever watch.

It’s the story of a self-obsessed lunatic who realises that online fame doesn’t equate to real world happiness, and consults with a marketing douchebag to rehabilitate her into a person that others might want to be within poking distance from.

Just see if you can get through the trailer. I dare you.

It’s pure, undistilled nope, and to make it worse, it takes geek-favourites Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) and John Cho (Harold And Kumar) and prances them around one of the most nauseatingly predictable and cringey rom-coms you’ve seen grace a television set.

Wondering why most shows get cancelled after three episodes? It’s because of idiotic crap like this. For shame.