The Nod Is A Motion-Controlling, Hand-Waving Bluetooth Ring

Step aside, Leap Motion. Nod is the new hottest thing in handsfree computer control; it's a fancy ring that you slip on, controlling PCs and smart TVs with the wave of a finger. If you were a keyboard or a mouse, you'd be feeling pretty unloved right now.

Nod's minute motion sensors, Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy tech and ultra-low-power processors are all run off a tiny 23mAh battery, and apparently lasts for an entire day's use. You're meant to wear it for the entire day, too — it's made to work with any Bluetooth devcice.

"Beautiful, touchless interaction" is Nod's tagline, and while it's certainly touchless, I'm not sure about "beautiful" — the ring looks a little chunky and busy. There's a reason for its heft, though; the Nod ring is waterproof to 5 atmospheres (around 30 metres' depth).

Probably the most potentially revolutionary part of Nod's sales pitch is the first scene in this video, where it's being used to type on an on-screen keyboard (like Swype or Swiftkey Flow). There's a world of potential applications for a device like this, but only if it works properly and consistently and is easy to interface with. I hope Nod is all of those things. [Nod]

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