Tesla Will Build A Supercharger Network In Australia

Buying a Tesla Motors electric car in Australia just got even more attractive. The electric car company will build a network of its Supercharger high-speed chargers around the country, letting Tesla owners recharge their vehicles for free.

Mat Peterson — founder of educational app developer Shiny Things, long-time Tesla fan, and Model S pre-order holder — just shared a juicy bit of info on Twitter:

That snippet comes courtesy of a posting on Tesla Motors Club — the semi-official forum for Tesla owners and aficionados — with a recent post sharing some great information that comes directly from Tesla Motors chief technology officer JB Straubel.

Apparently, the company "will develop, in time, a Supercharger network in Australia." Those Superchargers shouldn't be expected until at least early 2015, and that's an estimate rather than a confirmed timeframe. For anyone that buys a Model S early, the car will also recharge at public EV charging stations using the IEC 62196 standard connector, used at ChargePoint and some other privately-run installations.

Beyond that, there's a bit more clarity on Australian home charging for the cars. All Model S vehicles sold in Australia will use the same connector as EU-delivered cars, compatible with single- and three-phase power, and the car's onboard charger is matched with a bundled 40-amp wall charger (with no house re-wiring needed). For any Australian charging station that doesn't use the IEC 62196 standard, an adapter will be sold in early 2015.

There's at least one Tesla Model S taking test drives around Sydney at the moment; we've heard that potential customers have been invited to look at a right-hand drive production version of the car — one of the first to be produced in right-hand drive at Tesla's San Francisco factory. [Tesla Motors Club]



    Need more companies like google providing free solar charging stations


    Oh wait, you already have. NOW TAKE THE REST OF IT! (and give me a car in return, please)

      Dre_, have they given you a final cost yet, I have been trying to find the Australian cost but have had no luck.

      Do you know when you're will be delivered?

        The official announcement is imminent (and has been for a couple of weeks)... as soon as I know, you guys will!

          I'd love to know how much they are too. I've been reading mixed reports including upwards of 100K.

            its hard to believe that a Company as large as Tesla would move into a new market like Australia with all the risk that involves without crossing all its 'T's' and dotting all it 'I's'...........this would include how much it would sell its vehicles for down to the cent. They know but just dont want to tell us.....Why???

            From what I've read $100k+ is a pretty safe bet. Especially for the top model

        No and no.

        Anything south of $160,000 would be an absolute bargain.

          As compared to what? My $200 Celica was a bargain. $160,000 for a car isn't a 'bargain'.

            Compared to the other cars in that price range, obviously.

            Let me know when your Celica has Google maps built in, can be controlled by your phone and is electric powered.

              I don't define being able to do that stuff 'bargains' because I couldn't care less if it has Google maps when my phone does the same thing. That's not a bargain to me, they're gimmicks.

              The only great bit is the fact that it's fully electric. But for $160,000 besides the environment I'm not really saving anything.

              It's not a bargain. It's an expensive luxury and there's a ton of cheaper cars in the same luxury range as that. Much, much cheaper.

              EDIT: A bargain would be if you could get those features for sub $60,000 perhaps.

              Last edited 22/05/14 11:36 am

                Enjoy your $200 Celica.

                  Will do. Might but the change towards another few cars too.

                  I'm not dissing the Model S. It's an amazing car. I'm dissing your bullshit $160,000 is a bargain.

                  Last edited 22/05/14 1:04 pm

            Bargain doesn't mean it necessarily has to be cheap, just like because something is cheap doesn't make it a bargain.

        Australian costing has now been made available by Gizmodo here: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/05/the-tesla-model-s-is-officially-on-sale-in-australia-heres-how-much-it-costs/

    As with everything else in Australia, slim chance for us West Australians. We'll have to wait another 3-5 years before there is a decent network of chargers in WA.

      Superchargers across the desert, linking back to Sydney? Heck yeah.

    Wonder if the right hand drive model has the indicators on the right side or the silly side :P

    Not that it really matters in a non-manual car I guess, but still a point of curiosity anyway.

      There is a right hand drive model being built for the UK right now. I guess we'll get the same one

    Everyone reading this article should also read this:



    Last edited 21/05/14 1:50 pm

      Reading that is what made me click through to this article in the first place :P

      Really want to try one now. Although the touch screen thing bugs me, since I have haunted fingers.

    I just got back from the US and I actually saw quite a few of these.

    They look even better in person.

    I paid my deposit to Tesla for a new Model S almost two years ago......No car yet... .the way things are going Australia will get a supercharging network before it gets any Cars!!!....

    I hope he fully understands and realizes that the size of Australia can't be compared to a European country.
    How many chargers will there be along the Nullarbor Highway.

      You do realise that Europe is way bigger than Australia don't you ?

      But it can be compared to the US.

      There's no doubt that Alice Springs won't be getting a supercharger for a very very long time but there is no reason you can't have them all the way along the east and south coast. Hell, even Melbourne to Sydney only has 2-3 different routes you can take.

    For half the cost of a house, that's an expensive statement.

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