Telstra’s New 4G Modem Can Pull Insane Data Speeds

Telstra’s New 4G Modem Can Pull Insane Data Speeds

Just when you thought Category 4 LTE — capable of download speeds up to 150Mbps — was impressive, Telstra has announced that its new 4G modem will be capable of pulling 300Mbps thanks to a new Category 6 certification. Phwoar.

It’s a 4G modem with a name that sounds like it was developed in a secret black ops government lab: the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Pro X.

It’s certified up to Category 6 LTE, which means it’s capable of pulling down 300Mbps thanks to a dual-band antenna which pulls down data from two networks simultaneously.

The only problem is that it doesn’t really work just yet.

Telstra is releasing the device to market and promising that the network to support the Advanced Pro X, namely the faster 700MHz network running LTE-Advanced gear pushing download speeds to said 300Mbps, will be available in early 2015.

Once the network is live, the device will be able to pull data from the 1800MHz and 700MHz networks simultaneously, enabling super-fast download speeds. Buying it now means your modem is future-proofed for upcoming network deployments from Telstra.

The modem itself is made by Huawei, and it’s available in limited Telstra stores right now for $7 extra per month on the $50 Telstra Mobile Broadband Freedom Plan. That gives you 8GB of data per month and a 24-month contract to boot for a minimum contract cost of $1368 over the life of the contract.

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