Telstra's New 4G Modem Can Pull Insane Data Speeds

Just when you thought Category 4 LTE — capable of download speeds up to 150Mbps — was impressive, Telstra has announced that its new 4G modem will be capable of pulling 300Mbps thanks to a new Category 6 certification. Phwoar.

It's a 4G modem with a name that sounds like it was developed in a secret black ops government lab: the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Pro X.

It's certified up to Category 6 LTE, which means it's capable of pulling down 300Mbps thanks to a dual-band antenna which pulls down data from two networks simultaneously.

The only problem is that it doesn't really work just yet.

Telstra is releasing the device to market and promising that the network to support the Advanced Pro X, namely the faster 700MHz network running LTE-Advanced gear pushing download speeds to said 300Mbps, will be available in early 2015.

Once the network is live, the device will be able to pull data from the 1800MHz and 700MHz networks simultaneously, enabling super-fast download speeds. Buying it now means your modem is future-proofed for upcoming network deployments from Telstra.

The modem itself is made by Huawei, and it's available in limited Telstra stores right now for $7 extra per month on the $50 Telstra Mobile Broadband Freedom Plan. That gives you 8GB of data per month and a 24-month contract to boot for a minimum contract cost of $1368 over the life of the contract.

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    8GB at 300Mb/s will mean the ability to chew through your entire monthly data cap in a shade over three and a half minutes. Woo!

      Ooh 300Mbps with a few gig of data. Now I can send my emails extra quick, or browse the web with lightning speed, because 50Mbps was to slow.

        $1368 over 2 years, so i can reddit faster in my work's toilet

        Last edited 01/05/14 3:18 pm

      Now if the telco's and Government had only got their act together years ago re; fixed line technology we could have been experiecing 100-1000Mbps already!

    Definitely agree with the other comments.. faster speeds are only beneficial if the data caps increase.

      Except that's not actually true.

      Not everyone is a media consuming monster. Sometimes throughput is more important than quantity.

    Telstra loves making their 4g network as fast as possible. What they don't want to do is give enough data so the speeds would be useful. The government should make a law stating that every gb of data should cost no more than a dollar.

      Then they'd just raise ADSL prices accordingly - 200GB = $200.

        Ah yes. Looks like they would have to make another law to stop telstra be greedy little f#ck.

    8gb? What is the point of their blazing speeds without sufficient data caps? Want at least 50gb minimum for those speeds.

    Sign up now!. Give us your money and speed arrives next year?!?!

    oh Telstra corp, you are so generous in your offerings. (bless their little hearts)

    Just remember these speeds are in bits not bytes. 300Mb/s speeds will get you roughly 36MB/s

    So long, NBN

    I need mobile 4G for work, or your planes don't take off on time.

    So I rushed out got one today from the Bourke Street Melbourne Telstra store whom I can't recommend highly enough. Amazing store. Stocks were very tight and selling fast.

    It's good. It's very good and I recommend it highly if you are a business user and have need for fast uploads and downloads.

    Right now we are stymied to 150Mb/s down and 50Mb/s up, but that's a huge magnitude faster than ADSL2+ 16Mb/s down 1Mb/s up. I guess in 6 months when that doubles that is a further bonus.

    This won't suit a home user who is only interested in media consumption, but it's 100% in the ball-court of business people who need the upload speed and who have the ability to look at the clear display to watch their quota.

    What's the point? Data caps are too low and expensive.

    Gee why don't trel$tra release unlimited plans when will there be an unlimited 4G plan in 50 years? this is why wireless isn't a viable option because of the crappy download limits! that amount i download a monthly wireless 4G bill would be thousands of dollars! 4G a Rip off!

      Any wireless data is a rip off compared to land line data.

    4G CA on 700+1800 but not on 900+1800.
    Is Telstra dropping the plans for 4G CA 900+1800?

    Yeah!! If we all could download 200Gb a month for cheap on 4G then everyone would do it and we'd all be hogging the bandwith and really getting bugger all mb's per second. It would be such an improvement.

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