Telstra Is Building A National Wi-Fi Network You Can Also Use Overseas

Telstra wants to bring the internet to the nation in every major capital city, regional centre and tourist attraction, so it's building a massive Wi-Fi network for us to use.

It's called Wi-Fi Nation, and it's Telstra's plan to build a Wi-Fi network in every corner of the nation for its customers to use.

Telstra will build fast Wi-Fi networks in tourist hotspots, theatres, train and bus stations, hotels, restaurants and cafes and in shopping centres all over the country.

To take part, customers will buy a $210 Telstra Gateway Max modem which turns your existing connection into part of the massive nationwide Wi-Fi network. That means you're giving up some of your bandwidth to take part.

It's also giving you access to Wi-Fi around the world through a new partnership with global Wi-Fi hotspot provider, Fon.

The interesting thing about Fon is that it gives you access to over 12 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe. Plus, you won't have to worry about whether the Wi-Fi you're using carries a data cap, as the usage comes from your existing Telstra home internet plan.

Potential downside: you have to be a Telstra home broadband customer to use it.

The service will be launching from early-2015.

Would you become a Telstra customer just to use Wi-Fi around the nation and overseas? Tell us in the comments

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