Should Marijuana Be Legal In Australia?

Should Marijuana Be Legal In Australia?

Hundreds of studies have linked it to psychosis, others say it’s a valid medical aid. Some states in the US are making it legal, while others would never see it sold anywhere. Marijuana is one of the most polarising drugs on the planet, but should it be made legal in Australia?

The Fresh Gentlemen ask this very question in their latest video, and lay out how lighting up a J might positively and/or negatively affect the country and the marijuana loving or loathing public.

Of course, positive benefits include lower deaths and illnesses related to tobacco and alcohol abuse, as well as the positive tax revenue that would flow into Joe Hockey’s coffers.

The drawbacks, however, include a potential future where long-time stoners suffer from adverse effects we haven’t figured out yet.

What do you think? Should marijuana be legalised in Australia? Tell us in the comments why or why not.