Samsung Has Convinced Heathrow Airport To Create Terminal Galaxy S5

Samsung Has Convinced Heathrow Airport to Create Terminal Galaxy S5

If you land at Heathrow in the next two weeks, don't get too confused if you walk through Terminal Galaxy S5. Because, somehow, Samsung has managed to convince the airport to rebrand its entire wing for a two-week period.

Amazingly, Heathrow must have been offered enough cold, hard cash to allow Sammy to run around the airport re-branding all Terminal 5 signage at entrances, security points and gates as "Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5." Really.

As marketing coups go it's an impressive one — this is the world's busiest airport terminal — but it's sure to confuse some travellers too. I wonder if a Galaxy S5 could solve that? [Android Central]

Picture: Terminal 5 Insider/Flickr

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