Rolls Royce Is Considering An Electric Car

Briefly: It's possible — remotely possible — that one day in the future, there might be an electric Rolls. The company has experimented with electric tech before, and one of its top executives is open to the idea.

In a discussion with Auto Express, Rolls Royce head of bespoke sales Richard Collar told the magazine that electric technology was in keeping with the Rolls Royce ethos, saying it was "something very true to Rolls Royce — it’s effortless, there’s huge amounts of torque and it is perfectly quiet."

The company isn't exactly likely to jump head first into the technology, though; to put it in perspective, its Phantom V/VI was basically the same car from its introduction in 1959 until it was superseded in 1990.

Electric motors produce their maximum torque from zero revolutions per minute, so they're especially capable and well-suited to moving heavy loads — like a Rolls Royce, the largest of which weighs more than 2600kg. They're also completely linear in their power delivery, so your chauffeur won't have any problems gliding away from those interfering traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. [Auto Express]

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