Queensland Government Social Media Training Video Full Of Palm Face

What the? You need to watch this. This leaked employee social media policy video for Queensland government agencies is like something you’d see The Office. Maybe Michael Scott is Social Media Man! See for yourself...

The video started doing the rounds this afternoon and we've just confirmed it's authenticity. According to a spokesperson from the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines, it was created in house by the social media team and intended as a "simple communications tool to educate staff."

Whether it was intended to be so charmingly groan-worthy, we don't know. But kudos, DNRM: we needed that laugh.

Courtesy of the always-friendly Social Media Man, the video helpfully reminds staff that “as a citizen: you have the right to contribute to public discussion on community and social issues, but as a Queensland Government employee, there are a few things that must keep in mind when using SOCIAL MEDIA.

Stop! And Think! Before you post, like, share, tweet, comment.”

Neat-o. After all “Reputation is everything — yours and the governments.”

Also: “Don’t make a personal comment about a public issue if it will compromise your capacity to do your job in a professional and unbiased manner.” True enough info I guess, though the next part discouraging criticism of the department you work for is a bit glib. [YouTube]



    Nothing's more cringe worthy than the government trying to be funny or cool.

    Reminds me of World War 2 propaganda "Be careful, Enemy ears could be listening"

    Gary sack the person that posted this?
    Or sack the person that made this?

    derp, that they need a video to teach people to be professional

    I bet the real Gary is copping heaps from his DNRM colleagues now.

    In reality, the video is no worse than other videos we had to watch when I used to work in government.

    They should hire the media team who did "Dumb ways to die" for the Victorian Govt. instead of doing it themselves.

    is there a mirror, its taken down


    It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, tbh. I mean, it does seem a lot like something out of a Bethesda game (e.g. Bioshock) and it is pretty clunky but considering it is government it is surprisingly low on the awful scale in terms of style and design.
    (I'm ignoring the actual content, mind you).

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