Photos Of Science Experiments Are Mysterious And Dazzling

Photos Of Science Experiments Are Mysterious And Dazzling

Caleb Charland has been merging science with photography for years, creating images that challenge you to figure out just what the heck is going on. His most recent work is a collection of disparate materials and methods, each one with their own wondrous flavour.

The titles of each image give you an idea of the action that is taking place, but the complete story is left to the imagination. It’s an interesting twist on scientific experimentation, where normally the idea is to make sure every variable is precisely accounted for. Charland’s photos take the data out of the equation, and leave you only with impressions of the physical interaction taking place.

One Hour with Candle and Clock

Cylinder With Phosphorescent Powder

Phosphorus in Fishbowl

Pouring Light #1

Stone and Feather

Candle Through Fishbowl

Electric Motor (Copper Coil)

A Variety of Circular Objects In a Box of Glow in the Dark Paint

Breakbeat with Sparkler and Metronome (When the Levee Breaks)

Check out more of Caleb Charland’s work on his website. [My Modern Met]