Perth's Billion-Dollar Opera House Looks Like A Rack Of Lamb

The Sydney Opera House is as iconic as buildings get, making it just as good a source of inspiration as any. One designer wants to impart the same uniqueness to his own design for a similar structure in Perth, but with an added sense of being "sculpturally inside music". Here is the result, though images of delicious, rosemary-dressed meat come to mind more than treble clefs.

The cost of the fictional building has been calculated at $1.2 billion and as interesting as it may look, Western Australia premier Colin Barnett has stated that it probably won't see funding from the state, according to a story by the ABC's Emma Wynne.

The design itself is the work of one Shane O'Riley, who reportedly took half-a-decade to put it together. The intended location is Elizabeth Quay, where there's "a parcel of land earmarked" for cultural development.

The ABC article goes on to quote Riley explaining that far from resembling a lack of lamb — or an echidna — the structure is meant to be a metaphor for music:

The design, Mr O'Riley said, was intended to be a metaphor for "what it feels like to be sculpturally inside music, without the experience of the sound".

"The living embodiment is you being inside a musical instrument, a sculpture, something that is dynamic and inspirational," he said.

You can see more images of the design over at Unique8 Design Studios.


Photos: Unique8 Design Studio

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