Of Course An Apple Engineer Has An iPhone Business Card

Of Course an Apple Engineer Has an iPhone Business Card

You'd assume that if any company on Earth had a well-designed business card, it would be Apple. But apparently one of their engineers still felt they could create something that left an even better first impression, so they designed this incredibly unique business card made from an actual iPhone glass sourced straight from Foxconn.

The folks at Cult of Mac got to check it out in person, but unfortunately weren't able to take one of the cards home because the engineer only had 10 produced due to their expensive price tag. Because not only are they actual Gorilla Glass screens, but the durability and strength of the material makes the laser-etching process particularly difficult.

However, even if he can't actually give them out to everyone he meets, the cards are obviously still making quite an impression to more than just his colleagues. [Cult of Mac via Taxi]

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