Netflix Reportedly Planning Australian Launch (Again)

Netflix Reportedly Planning Australian Launch (Again)

Here we go again: it’s being reported (again) today Netflix is planning to expand to Australia.

The plan to move to Australia is being reported by The Australian, which has reported a potential Netflix expansion before. Take it with not just a grain of salt, but a whole shaker.

The new report says that Netflix is planning a jump into the Aussie market within the next 12 months, which is a nice large ‘just-in-case’ buffer.

The news comes as other providers plot to launch their own brand of streaming services before the giant international player can clobber them out of the market.

We’d love to see Netflix launch here, if only to see the reaction of local TV execs, but we’ll believe it when it happens.

In the meantime, we’ve extensively documented how you can stream Netflix from Australia. Check out our guide.