Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Australian Price, Release Date And The Australia Tax

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Australian Price, Release Date And The Australia Tax

It’s finally here. Microsoft has made the 12.2-inch Surface Pro 3 a reality overnight, and it’s heading to Australia soon. Here’s what you’ll pay, when you can get it, and whether you’ll pay the Australia Tax on Microsoft’s new laptop replacement.


The Surface Pro 3 starts at $979 in Australia for a 64GB Core i3 rig. The 128GB i5 is priced at $1209, while the 256GB i5 is priced at $1549. For the i7 versions, you’re looking at $1829 for the 256GB model and $2279 for the 512GB model.

Australia Tax?

Microsoft has been caught charging us the Australia Tax before. For those out of the loop, the Australia Tax is when companies charge inexplicably more for a device, service, content or piece of software just because it’s distributing it in Australia and not in the US. Adobe, Apple and Microsoft were hauled in front of the Parliament last year for their antics.

The Surface Pro 3 starts at $US799. Seeing the $979 sticker price in Australia might immediately lead you to think that the Australia Tax is alive and well, but look harder.

US prices don’t include tax like Australian prices do. Add 10 per cent tax to compensate for the GST ($US79), shipping ($US85) and convert that all to Australian dollars, and you find that you’re actually getting cheaper in Australia, as the final price comes out at $1040* for an imported Surface Pro 3.

(*Admittedly, our estimates are a little on the high side, but even when calculated with $US50 shipping and a 9 per cent sales tax at an exchange rate of 0.93 AUD to 1 USD, it still works out at $994.)

Release Date?

You’ll be able to pick the Surface Pro 3 up from the Microsoft Online store, as well as at Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi from August 28: quite a while after the US. Pre-orders can be placed from May 21 from the Microsoft online store.

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