Microsoft Is Going To Make A Smartwatch

Everyone makes a smartwatch now. Samsung and Pebble were the first to bring out the most recent wave of new wristwatches with miniature displays and even more miniature computers; now perennial late bloomer Microsoft wants into the game, and its rumoured smartwatch sounds like a solid attempt.

According to Forbes, a Microsoft smartwatch is coming, and it'll have a heart rate sensor with optical tech drawn from the company's Kinect division. In a clear advantage over Samsung's Gear Fit, the rumoured Microsoft watch will monitor users' heart rates constantly over the course of a day; it'll also have a Gear Fit-esque long, thin colour touchscreen display, designed to be worn on the inside of the wrist.

Going on past experiences, if it ever happens Microsoft's smartwatch should be well designed, fully featured and a little more expensive than its closest competition. That's the trend set by successive Surface tablets, which have consistently been one of the best full Windows convertible tablets but are similarly regularly hampered by either high prices or mediocre battery life. If Microsoft hits the right tone with its wristwatch, it could eclipse the middling success of any wearable before it. [Forbes]

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