McLaren Might Make A Track-Only P1 Hypercar

McLaren Might Make A Track-Only P1 Hypercar

Can you imagine buying a McLaren P1 and then thinking it’s not quite fast enough? Apparently some of the 375 current and future owners of the regular, road-going, boring P1 have written to McLaren to ask them to create a hardcore version. And McLaren is considering it.

The P1 is already no slouch; its combination of twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 and “torque fill” electric drive pushes out 663kW and 978Nm to shuffle the sub-1500kg car from 0 to 100km/h in a somewhat brisk 2.8 seconds.

A Track version being considered by McLaren — for sale to existing P1 owners only — would strip out some of the interior comforts, add an even more insane aerodynamics package, and tweak some extra power out of both the petrol and electric motors. Apparently the adjustable suspension will be locked at the lowest, stiffest possible setting.

According to Autocar, the P1 Track sales will probably be retained by McLaren and shuttled around in a series of track days for owner-drivers to compete in. This mirrors Ferrari’s FXX, a roughly $2.3 million track-only prototype sold to 30 existing Ferrari customers in the mid-2000s and shipped around the world at Ferrari’s whim.

The road-going P1 is limited to a measly 350km/h; it’s possible that reconfigured gearing or a higher redline could see the P1 Track best this figure. What an insane car it’ll be, if it ever sees the light of day. [Autocar]