Looks Like Moshtix Just Got Hacked, Splendor In The Grass Ticket Buyers Gouged

Looks Like Moshtix Just Got Hacked, Splendor In The Grass Ticket Buyers Gouged

Moshtix, Australia’s largest ticket website, has just been hacked wide open, with customers now reporting money going missing while being sent spam and scam emails asking for credit card information. The backlash is massive.

Hackers appear to have breached the site, stealing information on registered Moshtix users who had signed up for the Splendor In The Grass pre-sale.

From the looks of screenshots exclusively obtained by Gizmodo, hackers then went and charged customers an insane credit card surcharge to either redirect cash into their own pockets or simply wreak havoc on the Moshtix customers that had previously been hacked.

This screenshot of a ticket sale shows that the cost of a three-day show ticket and camping pass has been augmented, as was the cost of the credit card surcharge, which came to nearly $3500.

The hackers looked to even brag about the breach on the Event Details page of Splendor In The Grass, offering others the chance to buy the data lists of customers.

The issue occurred during the pre-sale for Splendour In The Grass, with Moshtix covering its own arse saying that it was a “technical issue”.

During today’s Splendour in The Grass on-sale, due to technical issues some customers were erroneously offered reduced priced tickets and charged incorrect credit card fees.

All of these affected orders will be cancelled today, and customers contacted to allow them to purchase at the correct prices. This was an isolated technical issue that did not affect other ticket buyers and tickets are continuing to sell fast for the festival.

Anyone that is concerned they have been charged the incorrect amounts should contact moshtix at ticketsupport.moshtix.com.au

A few customers on the Moshtix Facebook page report getting spam emails already:

I recieved (sic) an email from someone asking for my credit card detail claiming to be moshtix how ever im not sure whether or not to trust the email address so im double checking whether its you or not Moshtix

We’re reaching out to Moshtix for more info.

This isn’t the first time Splendor has been victim to a ticket sale issue. A Westpac banking outage led to the sale being suspended in recent years.