iPhone 4-Shaped 'Tasers' Seized By Australian Customs

Melbourne man arrested for importing 6000 weapons

While you might grumble at Customs taking issue with your $1000-plus international purchases, they're also in the business of confiscating objects a little more dangerous than discounted camera lenses and smartphones. This week, some 6000 weapons were snagged, including iPhone counterfeits capable of delivering electrical shocks.

Customs officers were tipped off to the shipment thanks to "intelligence provided by Victoria Police" and suspicions grew after X-rays revealed "irregularities". Upon cracking it open, officers discovered a treasure trove of weapons, including batons, knuckledusters and of course, the shock-capable iPhones.

As you can see in the photo below, the device, called an "Iphone 4 super Ultra thin electronic riot", is fairly convincing and even comes with its own manual. It's not explained how they work, but one can imagine how easy it would be to smuggle such a weapon undetected into various events and locations.

Melbourne man arrested for importing 6000 weapons

According to the Customs' press release, a 43-year old man from Thomastown, Victoria has been arrested in relation to the shipment.

[Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, via ARN]

Photos: Australian Customs Image Library

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