Foxtel Play Lands On PlayStation 4

Foxtel Play Lands On PlayStation 4

We were a little disappointed when the PlayStation 4 was released, not because of the selection of launch titles, but because it had barely any media apps for Aussies. That’s slowly changing, with the addition of the Foxtel Play on-demand app for the PlayStation 4.

After launching on the last-generation PlayStation 3 last month, Foxtel Play has now landed on PlayStation 4 for anyone with a PlayStation Network account.

Foxtel Play works by selecting specific packages you want, in what is the closest thing to paying per channel/interest we’ve yet seen in Australia. It costs you $25 per month for one basic genre package, $35 for two, $45 for three and $50 for all four. From there, you can tack on extra content packages for live sport or premium movies and drama. The latter is the package containing Game Of Thrones, meaning it costs you a minimum of $50 per month at least for legal, on-demand episodes of the HBO epic.

Sign up for an account, choose your packages and then download the app onto your PlayStation 4 and start watching. Pretty simple.

The only real problem is that Foxtel doesn’t have any agreements for unmetered content with Play, so you’ll be burning through your data cap as you stream shows on-demand. Be wary of that.