Fox News Says Climate Change Is A 'Superstition'

It's no secret that Fox News doesn't believe in the "elaborate hoax" of climate change, but now it's not just a conspiracy between the world's scientists, it's actually being branded as a "superstition" within the scientific community that goes as far back as far as the Old Testament.

Speaking in a "special report" on climate change, one of Fox News' expert commentators dismissed scientific reports backed by the White House as a "superstition".

The guest said that he doesn't buy the science, adding that it's all just a superstition:

"I'm not impressed by numbers. I'm not impressed by consensus. When I was a psychiatrist, I participated in conferences that looked at the symptoms of consensus and mania. These are things that people negotiate in the way you negotiate a bill, because the science is unstable, because in the case of climate, the models are changeable. And because the models are so complicated, we who have trouble forecasting what's going to happen on Saturday in the climate think we can go predicting what's going to happen in 40 years is absurd. You always see that, no matter what happens, whether a flood or a drought, whether it's warming or cooling, it's the result of what we're always talking about here: it's human sin with pollution of carbon. It's the oldest superstition around. It was in the Old Testament, and in the rain dance of the Native Americans. If you sin, the sky will not cooperate. This is quite superstitious and I'm waiting for science which doesn't declare itself definitive."

Hoo boy.

I'll give him one thing, at least it was eloquent crazy right up to the very end there. [io9]

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