FlaskScarf Protects Against Chilly Breezes And Sobriety

FlaskScarf Protects Against Chilly Breezes and Sobriety

Who among us hasn't wished for a fashion accessory that's also a secret booze stash? Wish no more. FlaskScarf is here to literally hang your booze around your neck. Like a Saint Bernard, with style.

This concept is so simple, so obvious, it's a wonder that it's taken mankind untold thousands of years to reach this moment. An 8oz. pouch discreetly tucked inside the scarf holds that delicious nectar, which is delivered to your face via the same kind of bite-valve straw used on your (probably booze-filled) CamelBak. What more explanation do you need? WHY AREN'T YOU GETTING DRUNK ON SCARF GIN YET?

FlaskScarf Protects Against Chilly Breezes and Sobriety

At $US25, FlaskScarf will definitely pay for itself after just a few nights of smuggling Georgi into that snooty martini bar you could never actually afford to go to. Are you more the tie-wearing type? Don't get the shakes: FlaskTie is here to keep you (de)hydrated.

You'll definitely feel confident wearing your FlaskScarf. Recklessly, incoherently, public-urinatingly confidence. [FlaskScarf]

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