Find The Strongest Wi-Fi In Your House With Telstra's New App

Do you have dodgy Wi-Fi in your house? If you're living in a large apartment or multi-level house, chances are that you could do with a Wi-Fi range extender or at least some smarter router placement. Telstra can help you out with that -- alongside the announcement of its fledgling nationwide Wi-Fi network, it has a new app that maps your house's Wi-Fi network range.

The Telstra Wi-Fi Maximiser app for Android and iOS is pretty simple. You can either run a quick test just to see what coverage you have in any given area, ranging from Poor to OK to Great, or map your Wi-Fi signal around your entire house. Running a quick test just gives you a 10-segment bar and a pure signal strength read-out in RSSI (dBm).

The mapping feature takes a little more effort, but is far more rewarding for anyone wanting to get an accurate picture of how their Wi-Fi router performs. First, you'll have to draw a floorplan of your house or apartment -- you can either quickly scrawl one with pen and paper, or import a drawing from your phone's touchscreen, or even a scanned architectural blueprint. After that, you tap the location of your router, then wander around your house tapping the screen in corresponding locations to take measurements. After that, the Telstra app builds you a heatmap of Wi-Fi coverage.

In the tiny Gizmodo cubicle, there's no problem with the Wi-Fi coverage even from a little Vodafone 4G hotspot. In a larger house, you'll see colours range from green to red when coverage eventually drops out. If Wi-Fi does genuinely drop out while you're testing, you don't lose the whole map -- you just get a big red blackspot on your heatmap.

It's no coincidence that Telstra stores already sell a range of Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi gateways, as well as a Telstra Platinum in-home installation service. The app points you to these as the easiest way to fix your bad wireless -- and it's true, buying a Wi-Fi extender probably will fix any problem that you're having.

Even if you don't want to use these, the app still works impressively well for checking your Wi-Fi coverage and finding any weak spots in your network. This is the easiest way to check whether poor Wi-Fi is the reason for your TV stuttering while streaming downloaded videos or YouTube, for example. It's just a nice little app with no annoying fine print -- thanks, Telstra.



    FYI, it's also available for iOS.

      [Edit] iTunes store link:

      Last edited 21/05/14 4:12 pm

      Awesome, thanks. I had a search and couldn't find it, oddly -- but you're right, there it is. Link added!

    Wow.. if that's on IOS then its the first time I've seen a signal strength app not get kicked from the store. Usually anything WiFi related gets booted.

    My home wifi has nothing to do with telstra. If this Apps is not helping telstra patching the coverage blackspot then it is very much useless to me.

      That makes no sense, it helps YOU understand your wifi spread.

    Pity it continually crashes on both my iPhone 5S and iPad mini retina.

      same it crashes every time on my iPhone 5, what else to expect than crap from Telstra!

    So I have to draw a plan of my house on paper and then take a picture for the map.

    I would be concerned about the amount of information this sends back to Telstra (for it's new wifi network)
    If you just want to mesaure signal strength from your router, a number of apps do this already, such as wifi overview 360. (just search wifi 360 that will get you there)

    Tried this at work using an imported floor plan that I normally use in Cisco Prime , with a few data points it gave a surprisingly accurate heatmap, though it only allowed one AP to be placed. That doesn't change its heat mapping ability though.

    This is a very useful app for my purposes.

    It just crashes. Well done Telstra

    Worked great on my Nexus 7 2013! Fun little thing to do and informative too.

    WiFi analyzer for android is better and been around for a while.

      Which one? There seems to be four different apps with the same name in the Google playstore.

    The app is no longer available...

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