Fake Camera Commercial Shows How Dumb Today’s Tech Will Someday Look

The Walley POS-86 is “the most advanced camera ever built”. It’s impossible to ignore all the power packed in its svelte 11.3kg frame. And if you’ve watched a promo for any kind of consumer technology product in the past 10 years, you’ll get a chuckle out of this parody, because they nailed it.

Everything about this parody is withering. The smarmy earnestness of the “Senior Marketing Director”. The unbearable cuteness of the attractive couple lugging the POS-86 around. The tone-deafness of calling a metal box that groans out grainy 16-bit images “advanced”. It’s a perfect send-up.

In fact, it’s probably a little too perfect. Because lord knows, in 10 years when we’re nostalgia-watching commercials for 2014’s hottest tech, it will be just as cringe-worthy as this video. We’re only laughing at a time-shifted version of ourselves. [Walley Films via Digg]