Do You Look Like the Average PC Gamer?

Do You Look Like the Average PC Gamer?

If you’re a white male aged over 35 with slightly feminine features, maybe you do! Taken from a sample of 500 Runescape players, this composite rendering gives us the best look yet at what a normal, generic, everyday gamer actually is.

The composite picture above was put together by UK-based Runescape developers Jagex. At a recent event for fans of the game, it surveyed 1,000 players about their personal lives, and took 500 photos to create the eventual image above. So, Ok, really it’s the average face of a RuneScape-playing PC gamer (though you’ll be hard pressed to find a PC gamer that hasn’t at least tried RuneScape!), but the survey did also turn out some interesting, perhaps surprising, statistics.

Most interesting of all is the finding that 18 per cent of the game’s players are female, and that 34 per cent are aged over 35 years old — shaking up the presumed norms that girls don’t play videogames, and that gaming is the reserve of teenagers.

Other stats showed that 55 per cent of Runescape players weren’t basement loners but instead had romantic relationships — compared to the 30 per cent UK average. 37 per cent of gamers surveyed were also in full-time employment compared to the UK average of 30 per cent — 40 per cent of which were earning over £40,000. [IGN]


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