‘Creative Differences’ See Ant-Man Director Edgar Wright Off The Film

‘Creative Differences’ See Ant-Man Director Edgar Wright Off The Film

Marvel’s had a good run with its string of in-universe movies; Captain America: The Winter Solider has done well commercially and critically and Guardians of the Galaxy is almost on our doorstep. Ant-Man might not be as well known as say, the “Cap”, but a film is already on the way, with comedian Paul Rudd cast in the title role and Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead fame directing. Well, Wright was directing, but not so much any more.

A story by Marc Graser of Variety reports that Wright has parted ways with Marvel, the studio citing “creative differences” as the reason for the break-up. According to Blastr, it marks the end of an eight-year relationship Wright had with the film, which previously saw him with a hand in writing the script.

Unsurprisingly, Marvel is on the hunt for a replacement, but having a director, especially one with the credentials of Wright, drop off after such a long collaboration does not bode well. That said, Marvel is confident the movie won’t miss its July 2015 release and there’s no bad blood between Wright or the studio.

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Photo: Marvel Studios