Counter Coca Cola Ad Is One Of The Strangest Soft Drink Commercials Ever

Counter Coca Cola ad is one of the strangest soft drink commercials ever

This bizarre cola commercial was created in 1968 for Germany's Afri-Cola and features super stars of the day Donna Summer, Marianne Faithfull, Amanda Lear, and Marsha Hunt posing to a jarringly experimental soundtrack. It was the company's response when it lost home market share to Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and seems like the antithesis of the wholesome images that these corporations project.

The ad was directed by the artist, photographer and advertising designer Charles Paul Wilp and in just 60 seconds crams in most of the counter-cultural references of the time. Afri-Cola has been around since 1931 and although sales have declined since the 1960s it remains available in German shops. It still comes with a whopping 250mg/L of caffeine and a warning — by comparison standard Coca Cola has 32mg/L and standard Pepsi 38mg/L — that is quite a kick.

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