Check Out All These Gaudy Skyscrapers Going Up In Russia

Check Out All These Gaudy Skyscrapers Going Up In Russia

What big country has big plans for its big buildings? It’s Russia! According to data from skyscraper-indexing site Emporis, Russia is home to seven of the 10 tallest buildings currently under construction in Europe. It’s like a Space Race for office space.

But that’s not even the half of it. Right now, Moscow’s Mercury City Tower, finished in 2013, is the tallest in Europe at 339m. When this building boom is over, three of these new buildings will be taller than Mercury City Tower, including the Lakhta Center in St Petersburg, which will top out at 463m when finished in 2018 — the new tallest building in Europe. Only one other European country comes close to Russia’s race: Turkey. Yep, three of the other 10 tallest in-progress European buildings are in Istanbul.

Here are some of Russia’s finest, from tallest to almost-tallest.

Lakhta Center, St Petersburg (468m)

Set to be completed in 2018, the Lakhta Center is designed by RMJM/Kettle Collective as a mixed-use complex. Once planned for the city’s centre, the structure was plagued by controversy because people believed it would hurt the integrity of St Petersburg’s historical architecture. It was moved outside of town. When completed, it will be the tallest building in Europe.

Vostok Tower, Moscow (361m)

Designed by Nps+ Partners and Schweger + Partners, the Vostok Tower (or Federation Towers) has been under construction for over 10 years, although it should be finished by next year.

OKO Tower, Moscow (352m)

This office, residential, and hotel complex tower designed by SOM will be part of the Moscow International Business Center. Depending on when it finishes, it may briefly hold the title of tallest in Europe before the Vostok Tower opens.

Eurasia Tower, Moscow (309m)

Designed by Swanke Hayden Connell Architects/Summa International, this mixed-use tower is also in that Moscow International Business Center. It has a scenic elevator to ride just for views along one side. It is just about completed and will be occupied soon.

ST Towers, Moscow (303m)

Not a lot of information out there in English about this two-fer by HOK in collaboration with SPEECH Architectural Office. But these twin towers will be two of Europe’s tallest when they’re finished next year.

Evolution Tower, Moscow (255m)

Formerly known as City Palace Tower, this spiralling beauty by RMJM/Kettle Collective is also part of the Moscow International Business Center. Each floor is offset by three degrees from the floor below, with a total twist of 135 degrees. The building has topped out and should be completed later this year.

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