Bosnian Man Carves VW Beetle Entirely Out Of Wood

Briefly: What do you do if you're a retired VW employee with a bit of spare time on your hands? Spend 18 months hand-carving almost every piece of a Beetle using those hands — that's 78 weeks of toiling away morning, day and night.

Orange UK's Quirkies section tells us that Momir Bojic from Bosnia and his wife Nada "created wooden pedals, wheel caps, bumpers, signal lamps, tail-lights, wipers, door mirrors, steering wheel, parcel shelf, dashboard, clock and even the radio aerial", using oak in tiny shingles to recreate the smooth curves of the 1975 Beetle's originally steel body panels.

There's a great high-resolution gallery of photos of the oaken Beetle here on Imgur. [Orange UK]

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