BioLite’s BaseCamp Stove Grills Your Food And Charges Your Gadgets

BioLite’s BaseCamp Stove Grills Your Food And Charges Your Gadgets

We’re already well-acquainted with BioLite’s ingenious brand of biofuel-burning (and gadget-charging) camp stoves. The startup’s newest offering though, takes the original CampStove and turns it into a grillmaster’s group-friendly dream.

Launching today on Kickstarter, BaseCamp functions on the same basic principal as the original; using nothing but firewood, you get to charge your devices, power a small light, and grill up dinner over an elevated cooking fire. It really is a pretty smart — not to mention sustainable — alternative to the more common versions that run off propane (and propane accessories).

But how do you get from wood to tablet juice? According to the stove’s Kickstarter page:

The BaseCamp converts heat from the fire into usable electricity via a thermoelectric generator housed within the orange power pack.

This powers a fan that blows air back into the burn chamber for improved combustion. The surplus electricity is then sent to a USB port, allowing you to charge your devices.

The stove puts out 5 Watts of power via a standard USB port. But if you’re not ready for a charge while you’re cooking, BioLite has also added a battery to the stove’s powerpack. So whether or not you’re charging, if the fire’s burning, you’re collecting energy to use at your convenience.

The stove itself has some pretty neat origins. Its original iteration, the wood-burning HomeStove, also doubled as a gadget charger — but for developing countries.

The HomeStoves proved so popular, though, that BioLite decided to design a consumer version intended for camping. And while Kickstarter campaigns can be a gamble, BioLite has proven they can deliver — plus, they have already surpassed their goal.

Wanna see a BaseCamp for yourself first? Swing by Gizmodo’s Home of the Future beginning May 17 — we’ve got one on display. If you want to get in on the ground floor early, you can head over to BaseCamp’s Kickstarter page to preorder one of your own. [Kickstarter]