Australia's Chief Scientist Bittersweet Over Budget Announcements

Australia's scientific community is facing a massive funding hurdle right now, with the Federal Government slashing its contributions to the CSIRO, PhD students and other scientific agencies. As a result, the nation's Chief Scientist is worried that Australia's scientific community is about to undergo a radical restructuring.

Professor Chubb put out a statement this evening following the distressing news about the scientific slashing, saying he was disappointed in the Government.

"While I recognise that no area of Government expenditure is immune from savings, I am concerned about the impact these reductions could have on our overall capacity in science," he said, adding that an investment in science isn't one that can be chopped and changed. It needs to be sustained.

"Building a stronger, more prosperous Australia requires us to commit to a long-term science agenda. A resilient advanced economy requires great research, skilled people, competitive technology and adaptive industries. They are all connected and a decent strategy would make sure that they are connected better than ever."

He added that with new investments in nuclear energy, research vessels and other strategies, Australia now has a chance to restructure its science agenda.

"I look forward to working with the Government to develop an action plan for science that will position Australia to advantage," Professor Chubb said. [Chief Scientist]

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