Australian Researchers May Have Found A Way To Regenerate Body Parts, And It Involves Seaweed

Seaweed. Photo: University of NSW

Seaweed could be the answer to regenerating bone and tissue in treatments for diseases such as cancer and schizophrenia.

Researchers at the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute at Wollongong University believe they have found a way to make stem cells, structured with gel-like molecules found in seaweed, that can be used by 3D technology.

The institute's director, Professor Gordon Wallace, told the ABC that by mixing the seaweed extracts with human stem cells they can create a sophisticated 3D printable biomaterial to aid regrowth of diseased and injured tissue.

"We really are just scratching the surface at the moment."

The researcher have already successfully regenerated knee-cap cartilage using the process.

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Originally published on Business Insider Australia

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