Australian Police, Government: Change Your Apple ID Password ASAP

In the wake of some Apple IDs being compromised and users' iPhones and iPads being held to ransom, Stay Smart Online and NSW Police have some advice: change your Apple ID password as soon as possible, and avoid any possible headaches in the future.

The advice is not unexpected, and it's a straightforward enough procedure to actually change your password, but it goes to show how widespread Apple's devices are throughout Australia — owning an iPhone or iPad is entirely mainstream these days. It's also good to see the police and Australian government taking an active interest in citizens' online safety.

When you do change your Apple ID password, make sure you don't reuse an old one, or one that you've used on other websites. Using a strong password (within Apple's password rule structure) is also strongly recommended.

Apple device and Mac users should be aware that they may be targeted by hackers who lock you out of your device before demanding payment of a ransom.

In recent hours, a number of Australian Apple users have reported the ransom attack targeting their devices. The information available is limited and may be updated as more information emerges.

With the possibility that this attack is linked to your ‘Apple ID’, affected users are advised to change your Apple ID password as soon as possible.

[Stay Safe Online via NSW Police]

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