Australia Now Officially Has A Cyber Army

Briefly: the Australian Defence Force's recently revised Information Activities doctrine shows how the Navy, Army and Air Force will engage in digital warfare during covert and overt military operations. The ADF and the Australian Signals Directorate have the capability to run various "computer network operations", including hacking and online propaganda.

Image via Shutterstock

Uncovered by Fairfax Media after a Freedom of Information request, the ADF's capabilities include the ability to "persuade, convince, deter, disrupt, compel or coerce" individuals through online operations including the general public, foreign military and governments.

Basically, our country now has a dedicated team across the Defence Force and Australian Signals Directorate that is tasked with hacking the governments and military forces of other countries, as well as covertly influencing those countries' populations. — but presumably not our own. Presumably. [SMH]

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