Apple's Deal With Beats Might Be Delayed Because 'It's Complicated'

Apple's $3.2 billion acquisition of headphone and music heavyweight Beats Electronics was announced with much fanfare, but since that initial flurry of activity, everything has been a little quiet. Billboard suggests that might be because there are some problems with the deal — and they're to do with the big differences in culture between the two brands.

Apparently, according to Billboard, there's some debate over how much Beats Music, the company's upstart music streaming service, should be valued at. Beats Music doesn't have a huge customer-base, but it has the all-important Beats name; however, it's not completely owned by Beats Electronics, which confuses matters somewhat. With such a public announcement, it's almost a certainty that the deal will happen, it's just not completely signed off just yet.

And, of course, there's a very real chance that this video made someone at Apple feel a little uncomfortable:

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