A Surprising Amount Of Effort Goes Into The Photoshoot For An iPad Case

Video: Style. Design. Fashion. Appeal. These are the catchwords that every manufacturer wants associated with their product. From a tablet right down to the case that will protect it. An insane amount of effort actually goes into just photographing stock art for your website when developing an iPad case, as the folks from TwelveSouth revealed this week. It's like a fashion shoot first and a product shoot second!

This is the behind-the-scenes video for the new TwelveSouth BookBook Rutledge iPad and laptop case. It's certainly a handsome case, but an incredible amount of effort went in to emphasising that in the product images.

There's make-up, wireless flash arrays, multiple angles, multiple locations, different models and varying products to consider when taking photos just for the website. Here's hoping that someone who takes this much care making their product look good spent the same amount of effort building the product to start with.

[BookBook Rutledge]

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